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PostSubject: BlankzZ App   BlankzZ App Icon_minitimeTue Oct 11, 2011 2:20 am

In-Game Name: BlankzZ[:>] / bKzZ`[:>]
Previous clans(if any): xig, .sex, x1x - just small clans.
Have you been in OF (oldfriends) before? If so please specify name used and when: Nope.
Highest position in a clan(if any): General/Co-Leader
Longest time spent in one clan(if any): 2months roughly.
Why did you leave your last clan(if any): Leader quit and at the time I had school so wasnt active enough to control it by myself. times have changed Smile
Favourite Weapon: Any rifle, not too good with springfield, need to be in the zone.
Your reason for wishing to join clan: Admins are nice and I've seen a couple of players with the OF tag and they were nice to play with and also pretty good.
What benefits can you bring to the clan: Dedication, Fun, Laughs, Wins Smile
Which admin(if any) directed you here: PakArmy

And finally, please explain how you would deal with the following situations:

1) An admin is using change map alot? Ask nicely and calmly if we can play a full map

2) A player has just been muted for spam, and does /reconnect in order to evade the mute- Ask them to stop spamming and if not ask the admin to ban or kick depending on how bad the spam is.

3) An admin has just been called a 'prick', and has decided to !ban the player- that's the admins decision to ban the player, personally I wouldnt for a little bit of flame like that but I wouldnt go against admins decisions.
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PostSubject: Re: BlankzZ App   BlankzZ App Icon_minitimeTue Oct 11, 2011 2:43 am

Aproved, You are now member of Oldfriends clan.
heres your new tag
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BlankzZ App
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