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 ***Application to Join*** - READ BEFORE POSTING

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***Application to Join*** - READ BEFORE POSTING  Empty
PostSubject: ***Application to Join*** - READ BEFORE POSTING    ***Application to Join*** - READ BEFORE POSTING  Icon_minitimeMon Oct 10, 2011 1:30 am

Hey, if you are reading this topic it is most probably because you wish to join Oldfriends clan, or are curious about how to join

To attempt to join is simple and easy, just copy the form below, paste it into a new post on this board, and fill in the details

Post it, and wait for a senior admin or higher to take action

After your application has been posted, one of three things will happen:

Application is accepted, in which case you will recieve 'Trial Admin' status on your desired server, this has limited commands and is a test period to review your performance. You will keep Trial Admin for 2 weeks, after this, if there are no problems, you will be automatically promoted to Oldfriends Admin. Trial Admins wear light blue tags *Please Note* If you have already been in OF before, then you are entitled to skip this trial admin process and become an admin immediately! It is up to the player to inform higher admins when their trial is over, when your trial is over, please post in the relevant server forum in 'transfer & roster updates'

Application is denied, and the relevant admin advises a re-application in near future. If your application is denied, do not give up hope, the admin who denies it may allow you to try again in a few weeks

Application is denied, and recruiting is banned. This is a very rare occurence, and means you won't be able to join the clan at all. This is very unlikely to happen

Application Form:

In-Game Name:
Previous clans(if any):
Have you been in OF (oldfriends) before? If so please specify name used and when:
Highest position in a clan(if any):
Longest time spent in one clan(if any):
Why did you leave your last clan(if any):
Favourite Weapon:
Your reason for wishing to join clan:
What benefits can you bring to the clan:
Which admin(if any) directed you here:

And finally, please explain how you would deal with the following situations:

1) An admin is using change map alot?

2) A player has just been muted for spam, and does /reconnect in order to evade the mute

3) An admin has just been called a 'prick', and has decided to !ban the player

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***Application to Join*** - READ BEFORE POSTING
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