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PostSubject: Member Rules   Member Rules Icon_minitimeMon Sep 19, 2011 3:39 am

These are the rules specifically directed at members of the Old Friend Clan, coming into effect immediately following an application accept. If any management wants to edit w/e go for it. Rules are representative of all servers and apply to all members regardless of rank.

Member Rules

-No Admin Abuse*
* = See Server Rules and look for * on what is defined as admin abuse

-No doubleclanning or more
You are not permitted to be in this clan whilst also being a part of any other clan or scrim team at the same time. You must leave any previous clan before you apply to join old friends

-Responsibility Failure & Poor Admin Skills/Behaviour
Admins are responsible for the general order of the server. If an admin ignorantly fails to maintain the general order of the server, and allows a lawless atmosphere to commence then they have failed to do their job properly.

Admins should attempt to assist fellow admins and public players at all times in any way possible. If you are not totally sure about what someone is asking you, seek further advise, don't ignore them or give unsure information.

Of course, all admins must always follow the rules of the relevant server, just like any other player.

-Blatent Favouritism or Mistreating
All players should be treated equally. If an admin departs from the admin guidelines massively for certain players without reason, they may be accused of showing signs of favourtism, such as warning friends about the possibility of being caught.

-Treason Razz/Betrayal
If for whatever reason you decide to move on from ^OF and make your own clan or join a friends' clan, do not attempt to take current ^OF members with you.

-Reputation Sabotage
Do not act like a cock on other clan servers, especially with ^OF tags on. We do not want problems with other clans, when you wear the tags you represent the clan as a whole, and unfortunately if your a dick people tend to think the clan is shitty.

Only high admins are permitted to choose whether to wear tags or not, although it is strongly advised that admins wear tags at all times.

Applying to join ^OF means you agree to follow the above conditions as a member, failure to follow these conditions can result in official warnings from Assistant Leaders and above, and can ultimately mean a removal from the clan. Official warnings does not mean the odd !warn on the server, but an official warning printed on forums somewhere because higher admins have seen repetitive admin misconduct.
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Member Rules
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